The 2013 Fly Fishing Show

The 21st annual Fly Fishing Show was held in Somerset N.J. last weekend on January 25th ,26th, and 27th.  This three day show is one of my favorites, as I have been going for a long time now.  The weather, as it can from year to year, threw a monkey wrench into my plans for the weekend and I lost two days of the show due to snow, which mandated me to work.  I finally arrived Sunday morning and was greeted in the lobby by Steve Monahan from TFO, with a badge in hand for me to enter the show and work the booth with the pro staff.  I was excited with all the energy in the air, people were buzzing around, conversations and hand shaking was going on everywhere you looked.  I walked by the Kayak Fishing Store and waved to Chris Parson, as they were packed with customers already.



The TFO booth…

Entering the show was like walking into another world, with bright lights and large screen televisions from the booths, showing films of jumping tarpon and billfish, to rowing down the Upper Delaware in a drift boat and catching big trout, which made the floor come alive.  It was hard to believe that people from all over the world came here to a show in our back yard.  Vendors from the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize were just a few, along with local US guides and lodges offering destination places were on hand to get you thinking about knocking off a bucket list fishing trip (my bucket flows over).  Fly shops, rod, and reel manufactures had all the latest tying materials and gear.  There was Fly-Tyers Row, where some of the best salt and fresh water fly tyers from all over whipped up their signature patterns and took time show the people who watched in awe how it is done.  These people are true craftsmen and women.  Fly casting demonstrations went on at the pond, as the Susquehanna River’s own Bob Clouser and Lefty wowed the crowd with their artful skills, leaving people cheering.  Seminars continued through the day on many different subjects, from photo taking to sharing secret techniques.  Last year they had the first International Fly Fishing Film Festival (I went and it was fun).  On Friday night they had it again (I missed it and am still bummed).  The day flew by with showing the waves of people the latest TFO fly rods and reels, and taking them to the casting pond for a spin.  I was wishing it was Friday again and the show was just starting.  So, if you ever wanted to learn to use a fly rod, or tie your own flies, come and check out the show some day (hope it doesn’t snow)…  FYI…  The Lancaster, PA show is March 2nd and 3rd, for more info:

Lefty & Me 1 27 13

Lefty & me..