Susquehanna River Kayak Fishing Report (8/12/13)

By John Blair

On the evening of August 12th, a couple buddies of mine (John and Mark) loaded up our kayaks and headed to Marysville, PA.  It’s no surprise to me that my friend John had never caught a channel catfish in the Susquehanna.  Haha… right.  For almost a year and a half he must have been thinking the Susquehanna channel catfish is a rare legend.  We rowed our yaks out to an island that is squeezed between two deep channels with current and shallow water nearby, but the water level was so high we found ourselves floating on top of the island!  We anchored in and rigged up our rods.  Shortly after bait deployment, my rod was hit hard, like a freight train.  I reeled in a channel cat, which was approximately 25-30 inches!


John Blair with a nice Susquehanna cat.

After about an hour of waiting and hoping that John would catch his fish, while reeling in his line he was hit by a beast!  After a good five minute struggle, John managed to land his first Susquehanna channel cat!  With a first time 25 inch catch, now he is the one who is hooked on kayak angling, and is planning on making several more trips to the Susqy this week!  All-in-all the venture was a success with John’s first catch.  The river is full of fish and I hope many more will get out to safely enjoy its beauty and nature.


A hooked new kayak angler!