Susquehanna Fishing Report 9/23/13 – 9/24/13

In the past two days, my friend Adam Johnson and I had some fun fishing on one of our favorite Susquehanna tributaries. On 9/23 I had stopped by Wal – Mart to grab a USB cable for my digital camera and found some camera mounts that I had to try out. Once I purchased the equipment I went to a spot on the water where I have found a few decent sized tiger musky to try to get some shots. Upon arrival I met with a very friendly and knowledgeable Fish and Game officer who was stocking tiger musky! After some conversation with him, we exchanged info, checked out some of the fish, and then took some pictures.



Once we went separate ways, I unloaded my kayak and loaded my equipment. After just a few minutes of searching I located one of the fish I was looking for but only managed to barely get a headshot. The musky would lay perfectly still as if they were posing only to scramble when the camera was ready to roll, as if they were taunting.


The next day my longtime friend, Adam, joined me to try and track the travel of some of the fingerlings. We launched at about 9 am for a 6 mile float with some x-raps, tubes, and miniature sunfish in the hopes of hooking a larger sized tiger or huge smallmouth. After about 15 minutes only we managed to locate a musky before the musky located us, and promptly beached the yaks so we would not disturb the fish. After many casts, we only scored an aggressive reaction on a sunfish. No hook – up. With some more casting, Adam hooked up with a nice 15 in smallmouth which put up quite a battle.


As the Sun rose and the water illuminated the fish became very spooky, making it easy to spot fish but hard to get any reaction. It started to look like the egrets were having more luck fishing then we were. As the day went on and we were getting closer to our evening business meetings, we decided to pick up the pace on paddling.



During the last portion of the float and yaking at a higher speed, I floated by a large sized musky so fast I barely had time to take one pic before it darted away.

Even though the conditions and time of day weren’t the greatest, much was accomplished in the name of fishing on these past two days and it was a blessing to be on the water enjoying them.