RiverFest Kayak Fishing Tournament Tomorrow! (Wilkes-Barre)

Join the Pennsylvania Kayak Fishing Association on June 21, 2014 at the Wyoming Valley Riverfest in Wilkes-Barre, PA, for the event’s first ever kayak fishing tournament, benefitting the Riverfront Committee.  The Pennsylvania Kayak Fishing Association (PKFA) is a division of the 501c3 non-profit Suskie Bassmasters.

Participation in this catch-photo-release event is only $10.00 per entrant ($9.00 for paid PKFA members), and $9.00 of each entry will be donated to help in funding current and future Riverfront Committee events.  Participants must have their own digital camera, kayak or canoe, rigid measuring device (Hawg Trough or equivalent), personal floatation device, and necessary licenses and launch permits.  All competitors will launch and return to the Nesbitt Park access, and fish will be judged on length.  No harvesting of fish by competitors will be allowed.

Date:  Saturday, June 21, 2014
Location:  Nesbitt Park, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Registration: Register prior to launch, day of event
0730:  Captain’s Meeting / Check-In / Registration
0800:  Launch
1400:  Take Out
1430:  Awards
Launch/Take Out Location:  All anglers must launch and take out at event location
Format: Catch-Photo-Release (First photo on card must be of rigged kayak at launch with identifier visible.)(Anglers harvesting fish will be disqualified. All fish must be released.)
Authorized Vessels:  Anglers must utilize a kayak or canoe during the event
Wade Fishing: Wade fishing is permitted, but photos must be taken of fish within the kayak, and wading location must be accessed by kayak
Measuring: All entrants must have a retail-purchased rigid measuring device (ie., Hawg Trough)(In photograph fish must have a closed mouth and natural tail lay. Do not pinch tails. Photos of measured fish must be taken in/on kayak.)
Photography: All entered fish must be photographed digitally, and a SD card or adaptor must be brought to the weigh-in location
Identifier: Will be distributed prior to launch (Must be in each photo with fish)
Species: Smallmouth/largemouth bass
Weigh-in (Photo Cards Collected):  1400 hours (In the event of a tie, the 1st fish of a given length registered at weigh-in will receive the higher placing of tied fish entries)
Entry fee:  $10.00 (Non-PKFA members, includes $1.00 for event insurance) / $9.00 (Paid PKFA members)(Please pay entry fee in cash)
Limit: Largest Bass per entrant eligible for entry (ie., only one bass per angler may be registered)
Minimum Bass Size: 12.5 ”
Bait Regulations: Only artificial baits will be permitted (No live or previously live bait is allowed), no umbrella/Alabama-style rigs will be permitted
Awards:  Certificates and prizes, dependent upon event/PKFA sponsorships
Proceeds:  Charity event (All proceeds ($9.00 per entrant) to be donated to event charity)
Information:  Contact Suskie Bassmasters/PKFA Kayak Tournament Director, John Oast at fishyaker.com@gmail.com
For more information:  http://pkfa.org/riverfest/