Rain, rain, go away… Northeast Pennsylvania Kayak Fishing Report (6/30/13)

By John “Toast” Oast

This morning my friends from the Pennsylvania Kayak Fishing Association, Shawn Evans, Frank Patla, Bart Wesselius, and I, decided to meet up on a local lake in Northeast Pennsylvania. The original plan was to have a rescheduled overnight float on the Susquehanna this weekend, but another high water weekend postponed the plans yet again.

With the warm weather (everyone around here uses the term “hot,” but being a southern boy, there are still about 10 degrees on the thermometer before I will start using that word) and recent rainfall amounts, the bite was very inconsistent. Everyone caught fish, but not the quality or quantity we are used to on the lake we went to. There was a substantial flow coming over the spillway, and the shoreline showed obvious signs of the water being higher than normal.

I started out with a weightless 7″ PowerTeam Tickler worm, but was just getting short strikes. I then started searching with my trusty spinnerbait, and landed my first fish of the day, a small largemouth along the edge of the shoreline. I then stepped down to a 5″ PowerTeam Tickler, and got a few more small bass. The strikes were still mostly short though, including one nice bass which threw my bait, when turning into a weedbed. While the strikes were not that aggressive, the fish were quite spunky and aggressive once hooked. They were seen all along the surface feasting on a fly hatch, which added to the challenging conditions of rainfall and temperature.

All in all, another beautiful day on the water… Well, at least until we were chased off the water by yet another thunderstorm. For the record, lightning and graphite rods do not mix.


The PKFA crew, on the water.


Shawn Evans with a healthy bass.