Northeast Pennsylvania Kayak Lake Fishing Report (07/07/13)

By John “Toast” Oast

Well, that’s right, another “lake” report, since the rain still has the area rivers way up. That’s okay though, if you know where to find the fish in the impoundments.

Shawn Evans and I hit one of our favorite NEPA lakes again this weekend. The bite was still a bit off, with the heat and rain. The lake level was about a foot lower than it had been the past couple weeks, so the water must have been able to feed over the spillway. The high river levels have also obviously pushed a lot more boaters into the lakes.

The funny moment of the day was when Shawn was working the pads near the shoreline, and he heard a powerboater nearby say, “look where he’s fishing, that’s only a couple feet deep!” I guess the concept of shade is too complex for that pair… ie., pads block sunlight, which results in something called “shade,” which blocks radiated heat from the sunlight, which lowers the localized temperature, which makes fish more comfortable and therefore HAPPY. Needless to say, immediately thereafter Shawn caught a really nice bass. Just another reason to fish from a kayak… get into the shallows, and weeds don’t clog up your prop!


This is some of the best LMB environment ever! weeds, pads, a deeper channel, and a ledge drop!

So, as for the day’s results, Shawn and I each caught several largemouth bass, a couple with some really nice size. I even had possibly one of the largest bass I have ever hooked into in the area lose my hook, diving into hydrilla.


The weeds swallowed Shawn’s fish!


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