May 25th Kayak Fishing Report

By John “Toast” Oast

Well, this morning I met my friend Shawn Evans at an undisclosed lake in Northeast Pennsylvania. We were on the water by 0845, and compared to the previous week’s warm weather, we were greeted by constant wind with massive gusts, and a chilly air temerature.

I was throwing unweighted soft platics, and for the first few hours the largemouth bite was definately on, but they were only targeting a slow-falling presentation.

big bass in Tetra

Toast, with the big fish of the day.

My first bass (above) was one of the largest largemouth bass I have caught north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It was followed by three more quality bass, and one thrown hook during a jump.


Shawn, searching the pads.

By early afternoon the wind shifted 180 degrees, the temps started to fall, and cloudcover moved in. The bite turned off like a lightswitch. By this point we were also tired of getting blown around. One gust almost blew me from my Ocean Kayak Tetra 12!

We were looking at going back tomorrow, but the winds look to be the same, with rain, so we might just hold off until next weekend.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Fish-on… Toast