Kayak Fishing, the Family Sport

Today children are leaning towards electronic devices, rather than entertaining themselves outdoors, the way it was for  many of us when we were growing up.
As parents and adults, we are responsible for limiting the usage of computers, iPads, and video games from our children. One single day on the water can positively affect the family by fishing, paddling, or just exploring your surroundings.
Several times last year, I took my entire family out on the water. From spotting golfballs, lures, and cans, the kids always found something interesting each trip.  At times they even identified certain aquatic life around the water. In one instance they spotted floating feathers and investigated what birds they’ve came from. Sometimes when fishing is slow, my wife will plug in some music and get a good healthy paddle while we are on one of our outings.
One key point regarding family paddles is  to remember that it’s all about family and you shouldn’t take the fishing as serious as if you are out with a couple buddies or by yourself. There are always memorable photos to be taken of the wife and children while you are on the water, and they make fun memories to relive during the bitter cold winter months in the northeast. Spring is around the corner, lets all make an effort to get out and enjoy the great outdoors this year as a family.
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