Frustration! A tip to overcome crowds…

By Bryan Wilhelm

FROGGIN can save the day.


Scum Frog (Trophy Series) Chugger

When you arrive at the lake to find several tournaments, with anglers on all the best spots, here is a way to save the day.  Rather than fish with the crowd, look for places close to where fish, caught during tournaments, are released.

All the competitors will be heading out.  Stay close.

Grass beds next to channels, marinas, launch ramps, creeks and back bays all are often densely packed with fish released from contests throughout the season.

When waterways are crowded with anglers, my favorite secret place is floating grasses, called slop.  It’s a pattern of fishing rarely used by others.  After finding out where the weigh-ins are typically held, I preview opportunities using Google Earth on my lap top, smart phone or a chart of the area.

Wind and current pile up floating debris and vegetation against bulkheads, shorelines, in corners, sloughs and marinas.  Target small areas (isolated cover).  A corner the size of your boat can hold 2-3 nice bass.

The dynamics of surface fishing are explosive.  Fishing slop, usually lasts all day.

While the crowd will be lucky to catch 5 bass… you can cash-in with day long, excitement.