Early Morning Bassin’–6/18/2014

This morning, I hit my local lake for some early morning fishing. Gifford Pinchot is overgrown this year with large quantities of hydrilla, making both paddling and fishing difficult, with a need to clean paddles with every stroke and lures with every cast, even if you are rigged ‘weedless’. Typical patterns for this lake that have been catching small bass are wacky rigged Stick Baits and weedless rigged Worms. This morning, however, none of those were working, so I resorted to an old stand-by for this lake; the Zoom Speed worm, nose hooked, weightless and rigged with the paddle tail horizontal to allow it to vibrate.  After rigging this presentation, I began to cast to a laydown. My typical method is twitch-twitch and pause for a bit to allow the lure to fall. After working around to the side of the laydown, and performing the twitch-twitch pause, I felt the solid hit from a fish. This fish stayed under, and had some significant weight, so I thought I may have hooked into a catfish or a carp (they were spawning in the weeds) but when it breached the surface, I discovered it was, indeed an bass–and one of fairly significant size. I kept pressure on the bass and got my lip grippers on her. removing the lure and placing her on my measuring board, I discovered that this bass was fairly large for this lake at 18″.  A couple of quick photos, and the fish was released.   I fished another 45 minutes after this but did not hook into anything else. All in all, a good morning indeed!