Charting New Waters

After fishing the lakes near me for the past three months—Pinchot, Williams, Marburg–I decided today that it was time to chart some new waters. I headed about an hour north of me to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, and Laurel Lake; the larger of the two lakes in the park. Laurel lake is a 25 acre impoundement on Mountain Creek. This is all in the heart of Michaux State Forest; and the creek is a cold water creek that is also stocked by the PFBC during their trout stocking programs. As a result, the lake is much cooler than the waters I’m used to fishing; and also shallower for the most part, except near the dam. The lake has numerous ‘pods’ of lillies; and in fact almost 1/4 of the lake is covered completely by them.

This is a view back toward where the creek comes in to the lake–the lillies started about 75′ in front of me and went all the way back.

Laurel Lake

With all of those lily pads, you would think that the topwater frog action would be on fire. Well, I was armed with knowledge to the contrary (thanks to Andrew Morrow, who had been up there earlier in the week), but I had to try anyway. The frog bite simply did not exist. I switched over to what I had been advised to use–soft plastics at the lily pad edges, and on the second cast I was rewarded with a dink LMB about 8″ long. While one bass does not a pattern prove, about 5 more casts, I hooked up with this guy:

Now that’s more like it!.

A few more casts, and another 12″ LMB, followed by another 10″ dink.

The final bass of the morning was this one–and not a bad one at that; a 16″ LMB:


I spent a few minutes under a tree during a downpour near the boat access point, about 50 yds from my car. The lake also has a swim beach, with snack bar and restroom facilities (the ‘everyone’ restroom also had a shower in it). During my time on the lake, there was one other person bobber fishing from a SINK; and one child fishing from shore with their parents. Not to meantion a fisherman of the ‘foul’ kind—a heron.

This lake doesn’t appear to get a lot of fishing pressure–except when they are stocking trout in the creek; but when I left there were a handful of people in rowboats (and one group in a canoe) but they were bobber fishing; so it’s likely they weren’t targeting Bass. The DCNR Website says the lake has Pickeral, Perch, and stocked Trout in addition to the Bass. It’s a nice small lake–good for a morning get away.