5/26 Kayak Fishing Report (from Fishyaker.com)

By John “Toast” Oast (Originally posted on Fishyaker.com)

Shawn Evans and I got out on the same lake in northeast Pennsylvania again this morning, as we did yesterday (see previous post). Just like yesterday, the wind was seriously impacting our ability to position to cast for fish. The front and temperature drop continued to make for a less than exceptional bite. That being said, we still landed a couple largemouth bass a piece. The bass at first were on lilly pads and quite aggressive. As the wind direction changed and increased, they moved to deeper, structured shelter between the pads and deeper shoreline areas, to get away from the wind-driven current (there were about one foot whitecaps at this point).

I also stumbled upon a couple nice pike in a sheltered cove. The first pike followed to the kayak, but was spooked before taking the bait. The second was hooked and lost during a short fight.



Shawn Evans with a quality largemouth.


It just shows that even in the least ideal of conditions, fish can still be caught, if you can figure out the pattern.

Thought of the day… “Tandems and canoes are divorce machines.” For years I have said this, as anyone who has paddled with their significant other has probably had an argument at some point on the water. I bring this up, because as we were getting off the water a gentleman walked up to me and asked me about the parking arrangement at the lake. He said he and his wife were going out in their canoe. I advised him against it, because of the wind conditions. We were being blown around so bad, that our kayaks were nearly getting up on plane! Even after my warning, he still said they were going out… Yes, in a high-profiled canoe! He then walked back to his truck, and it appeared as though his wife and he had a bit of a “disagreement.” I guess she won, since about twenty minutes later they drove away from the parking lot. Shawn and I were actually waiting to see them try to launch in the wind, and we had the video camera at the ready… Yep, even off the water, I still think they are “divorce machines.”